What's Old Is New

Many stores now sell ‘essential oils’. It seems that they are now all the rage and in many products. But, buyer beware! Most of what is sold in retail storesas essential oils have been adulterated or even are completely synthetic. That means they may smell nice, but they will do nothing for your health and may even contribute to toxins building up in your body.

Medicinal herbs and essential oils, which are distilled essences of plant material, were used by priests and physicians thousands of years ago. Translations of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts show that these, along with foods, were mankind’s first medicine. There are over 150 references to ‘oils’ in the Bible. Oils like frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, spikenard, cinnamon, cedarwood, juniper, coriander, and others are mentioned in the Bible. Of the three gifts brought to the Christ Child, two of those were essential oils of frankincense and myrrh. Very valuable indeed.

Many of them were used for cleansing, some for embalming, others for healing, skin beauty, perfumes, and some of the resins burnt for prayer and meditation. Frankincense resins were so valued that it was traded as a precious commodity along the “Frankincense Trails” in the Middle East.

Modern science is now catching up with ancient wisdom and there exists a huge body of scientifically research documenting the many benefits to the body, including immune stimulating properties. Frankincense oil is now being used therapeutically in European Hospitals and doTERRA is working with many university research departments in studying the benefits of their essential oils.
Users of doTERRA CPTG essential oils are finding benefits for all bodily systems. In
today’s modern lifestyle and stress-induced situations, a huge benefit of the oils is the
calming effects for heart, mind and soul. Stress levels create a perfect storm of chronic
inflammation from fight or flight responses in the body. Let’s bring that response back to
balance to help our immune systems stay strong. Essential oils combined with
mindfulness breathing are a winning combination. We can trust that doTERRA’s oils are
pure and potent to give us the results we want.

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