For Love of Mother

This is my love letter to all you mothers out there. Whenever Mother’s Day approaches each year, I am reminded of my own mother’s love and how she put all she had into doing the best she knew how for her three children. It wasn’t until I myself officially became a mother that I fully realized how life is one big spiraling circle. Of course I knew it intellectually, but now I felt it from the tips of toes to the depths of my soul. So many things became apparent and made sense to me at that moment.


Having a new baby to nurture and protect intensified my love for all of life. Crimes against the environment became even more critical as now I saw that my new son and any progeny of his would have to deal with this pollution and destruction.


Any kind of pain he suffered, became my pain and I immediately searched for ways to ease and heal any of his pain.

How happy I was to find essential oils as a powerful solution to solve our family’s hurts, aches and pains, and to be in concert with the environment as well. When I found essential oils that were so pure, we could drink them, then I knew we had something very special.

I am grateful to Mother Earth for providing these amazing gifts to support us
physically, emotionally and spiritually. She offers us beautiful lessons everyday in her bountiful gifts of soothing, energizing, cleansing, uplifting molecules of living energy. Thank you to my mother, grandmothers and wise feminine ancestors for your struggle and on-going love. Thank you to my sisters everywhere who have supported me with your nurturing wisdom. Thank you to my husband and son for their connection to the
feminine. So, whether you are male or female, I am celebrating the feminine within you. It is the Divine Feminine that feeds me and gently shines light where needed. Much gratitude to you.

If you would like to enhance the feelings of the Divine Feminine, I recommend working with these essential oils - rose, myrrh, lavender, clary sage, magnolia, jasmine, and ylang ylang

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