New Moms, New Families

New Moms, New Families: Priceless Gifts of Wisdom and Practical Advice from Mama Experts for the Fourth Trimester and First Year Postpartum

As an official co-author of this book by mama experts, I want to share my gift with you!

I was so excited to take part in this book. It is my passion to share the benefits of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils with others. I’m equally passionate about being a mother. This book melds these two passions together and gets vital information out to new moms.

Essential oils are true natural gifts of the earth and can assist new moms and newborns stay healthy and happy while solving common health issues during this special time right after birth. These issues include postpartum depression, after birth cramps, stretch marks, exhaustion, breast milk production and anxiety for new mothers. Issues for the newborn that essential oils can address include sleep, colic, diaper rash, over-
stimulation, digestion, cradle cap, fever, flu, and earache.

New Moms, New Families’ amazing mama entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse fields of expertise hold your hand, save you time, help you understand your baby, and give you more sleep!

Learn to calm down, energize, and enjoy a deep breath with essential oils, warm up your tummy with nourishing postpartum foods, center and strengthen your core with intuition. You rediscover the joy of nature, multilingualism and refreshing sleep. First-year moms settle anxieties with child development strategies, family financial planning and health-boosting metaphysics.

It makes a great baby shower gift for friends and family and is one that can be enjoyed throughout the first year of motherhood and beyond.
Many of us have discovered that sharing practical wisdom as new moms ourselves only makes the path easier for the next new mom. I hope you will join me in being a part of this movement.

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