Have You Seen the Research on Immunity for Your Children?

According to this online article posted on Technrati, exposing infants to pets, especially dogs, may help reduce allergies. “A study, published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, followed 566 boys and girls from Detroit from birth to age 18, and monitored their allergic sensitivity throughout their lifetime exposure to dogs and cats.

The findings suggested that infants younger than one year who lived with pets were less likely to develop allergies than children who acquired them later in life. Specifically, boys and girls exposed to cats during infancy were 50% less likely to be allergic to them later, and the same was true of boys and dogs. Oddly, this was not found to be true with girls and dogs.

Even odder, was the finding that boys and girls born via cesarean-section were 67% less likely to be sensitive to dogs than those with dogs during the first year of their life! All of this notwithstanding, these conclusions seem to debunk the long held notion that exposing a baby to a pet could trigger an allergic reaction and render the children more susceptible to allergies in later years.

If allergies are a problem, keeping the pet cleaned and washed frequently will help cut down on the pet hair and dander to a minimum. Certain breeds shed less and investigating which breeds are more child friendly is a must.
“Evidence suggests that animal contacts, especially during early life, might be crucial in immunity developing a nonallergic route and in ensuring effective responses to respiratory viral infections earl in life. We speculate that animal contacts could help to mature the immunologic system, leading to more composed immunologic response and shorter duration of infections. We offer preliminary evidence that dog ownership may be
protective against respiratory tract infections during the first year of life.”
Did you grow up with a pet dog or cat? Do you think it might have helped you avoid developing allergies later in life?

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