Aroma Touch Technique

Have you heard of Aroma Touch? It is a superb and unique application modality for topically applying eight different pure therapeutic essential oils along the spine and bottoms of the feet. Whether you are new or experienced in the use of essential oils, doTERRA has created a beautiful, nurturing and relaxing way of receiving the benefits
of the oils.

It assists the body and mind to come back to homeostasis after the effects of stress, toxic overload, inflammation and autonomic imbalance. It is easy to learn and give to others. Discover more about Aroma Touch Technique by following this link. (Aroma Touch video and pdf.)These 8 oils are conveniently packaged together in a kit along with the carrier oil of fractionated coconut oil, an easily absorbed and greaseless carrier oil. You get adiscount by purchasing the ATT kit instead of buying the oils individually. Included is a reference guide.

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